Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back from the dead.

We're back! Well, we've been back for about 6 weeks now. But I'm back to post, which is something I haven't done in a long time. Needless to say, I miss blogging, so I'm going to try to make more of an effort to blog more often. Our lives are getting sort of interesting, so maybe I'll have more to blog about!

For some reason, it seems I'm always blogging when I'm sick. Last post, I was sick, and here I am, sick again. Much better than when it started over a week ago, but a cough is still hanging on, along with a perpetually full nose. Juan has stayed well so far, so I'm grateful for that. Hopefully he stays well!

We were up at my in-laws house last weekend for Father's Day, which was lots of fun. Of course, I was a bit under the weather, so I was happy to sit on the couch and be catered to. We barbequed some ribs, steaks, and turkey burgers, made some fun pasta salads, and had lots of good drinks. My husband loves to be bartender, and we'd recently had Happy Hour drinks at a nice bar/restaurant in Bellevue, Barrio. The bartender there was super nice and shared some of his secrets with us, so Juan was giddy to try and recreate the drinks. They were a hit! Everyone was super impressed, which Juan loves. It was also a great weekend, because we were able to introduce the second season of True Blood to my mother-in-law and brothers-in-law. We'd watched it already, but we ended up watching the first four or five episodes again with them - and we wanted to watch more! But we had to get to sleep - we stayed up until about 3am! I'm definitely getting too old to do that. I felt horrible the next morning, and was tired all day long! Anyway, it was a great weekend, and I'm glad we went up there.

We're also working on getting the house more organized. We already started on our bedroom by rearranging the furniture, which gave us so much more room! We also organized our closet, got rid of a few bags of Goodwill clothes, and now all we need is a new comfortor and new pillows for the bed. We also need new furniture in there (dresser and night tables), but they can wait a bit. We're also talking about getting rid of a lot of stuff in our office. We're thinking of going down to one computer and one desk, getting rid of a bunch of DVDs (or putting them away in the garage or something), and moving said computer and desk to our bedroom. This way we can have the office as a spare bedroom. It's going to take some doing, though, because the office has become our dumping grounds for just about everything. There will be a lot of paper, a lot of garbage, a lot of wedding presents that have yet to find a home, and just random things that need to be gotten rid of. It will feel so good once it's all done, but I think it's going to be a summer project for us. Now if only I could catch up on laundry...

Some of you are probably wondering where the recap of our Europe trip is. Well, it's still in my camera (and Juan's camera, for that matter) because I've been too lazy to sit down and get all the pictures off and talk about the trip. But I promise it's coming! Soon! (I think if I have it here that I'm going to do it, it'll motivate me to actually do it, haha.)

Until then, ta ta! :)