Friday, October 8, 2010

What? It's our anniversary already?

Has it really been nearly three months since I've blogged? What's wrong with me? Oh, that's right, we've been busy. But isn't life always that way? Well, regardless, here I am, blogging again. And it's because some fun and important things are happening!

First, we're going to have a furry houseguest for about a week. Our friends Tara and Ryan (and their adorable daughter Samantha) are going on vacation (they're so lucky!), so we get to kitty-sit for their super lovey-dovey Oliver. We've met Oliver a few times already, and love him to pieces. He's very affectionate, and somewhat of a talker, and I'm just so excited to have another little personality around. I've always been a cat person, and have been missing that extra something, so this is perfect - for the time being. I think they're also hoping that this might be a good way for us to do a trial-run for permanent ownership of Oliver. Tara and Ryan are expecting their second baby, and are thinking that they can't give Oliver the attention he deserves. And seeing as we're childless right now, and we have a ton of love to give, I'm hoping he'll grow on us and won't want to leave. But we'll see how this goes first, and go from there.

Then Sunday is our anniversary! We'll have been married just one year, but oh how our vows have been tested! Not only did we get sick on our honeymoon (sickness and health), we had some financial struggles to start out with, too (richer or poorer, which led to some better and worse in there). We really have come out stronger on the other side, though. And we've had a very adventurous first year, too! We went all the way to Europe and back. But we're so excited for Saturday, because we get to go pick up our fresh anniversary cake from our baker who made our wedding cake. We're thrilled we don't have to eat frozen cake, and my husband is so happy that he got to pay $18 for a second cake so we can have two flavors. We loved our cake so much, and are so happy we actually get to enjoy it this time! But honestly, it truly doesn't feel like an entire year has gone by since we walked down that aisle. I have a picture of us from the wedding on my desk at work, and I can remember that moment like it was yesterday. It was such a great day, shared with so many great people, and I'm just so happy that it was him that I married. I'm more in love with him now than the day I married him, and I'm so thankful that our love keeps growing every day.