Friday, January 29, 2010

Going the distance.

I'm heading to my mom's house this weekend for some girl time. She's making me stroganoff tonight for dinner! :) I expect we'll watch some movies (which I was going to bring, but they're all on BluRay now, which she doesn't have a player for...), talk, and I'll end up helping her grade papers or put up blinds. I think Mom sometimes only likes it when I come over so I can fix things. ;)

This means I get to leave my husband home alone. I know he's got things on his plate, like sitting around, playing video games, eat food, and watch movies. Haha, I wish I could stay home with him. But it'll be nice all the same. I know I'll miss him, though! This is the longest we've spent apart since we got married!

This week has been kinda rough, but not too bad. Looks like our tax refunds will be very helpful in getting us across the ocean to France and Italy. :) That'd be so great if we could just use that money towads our trip, and not have to worry about saving too much - it'd be nice just to use our saved money for spending money in Europe. Euros are expensive!

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!

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