Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who's ready for LOST?!

I AM!!! I'm so excited for this season to finally start! It feels like forever since I've seen a new episode! Oh wait, it has been forever. Anyway, Hubby and I have tried to catch up, but watching 5 seasons of Lost in 2 weeks doesn't really work, especially with us needing to sleep and all. We're about halfway through Season 1 right now, so I doubt we'll make it. LOL But we're definitely going to watch 3 certain episodes tonight before the season premiere: The Constant (the Desmond/Faraday episode with all the time jumping), the season 5 finale, and I can't remember what other one we're supposed to watch. Hubby knows that one, I'll have to check later. Either way, we're going to be completely overwhelmed with Lost! :)

I hope Damon and Carlton (the writers/producers) are able to really pull out all the stops for us this season, especially since it's the last! Having watched a lot of the first season again, there are a lot of questions that I want answered that still haven't been answered! Most notably, the skeletons in the caves, Adam and Eve. I'm wondering if it'll be Jack and Kate, or Sun and Jin, or... well, anyone we already know. I'm sure there are other pressing questions (like the whole four-toed statue, the man in black/Jacob thing, etc), but for now that's all I can think of.

Happy Lost watching! :)

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  1. I'm seriously thinking of rewatching all the episodes again before watching the final season. I'm so....well, lost!